Books by their covers …

Erasmus Hall Campus students discussed their views on judging people based on their looks, clothes etc and why we should never judge another!

E-Hall Students Look @ Alcohol Advertising

Last week, E-Hall students looked at all of the advertisements Flatbush residents are bombarded with every day.

Students got out the markers and magazines…

and created their own “honest alcohol ads,” addressing the real impacts of substance abuse.

E-Hall Student Monologue: Why?

A powerful piece of writing by E-Hall’s own Hakeem Ormond:

Why is the sky blue?

Why is the ocean blue?

Why is the land green?

Why do people kill people?

Why do I think so much? Why? Why? Why?

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BCCP former student returns from college…

BCCP former student Lateef Wearrien returns from his first semester at SUNY Plattsburg. Lateef graduated from Erasmus Hall’s High School for Youth and Community Development (YCD) in June 2012.

Lateef attended the BCCP program for 4 years while in high school participating in many activities and events such as the SUNY and CUNY college visits and the Tribeca Film Festival.

It was a welcomed treat when he decided to come back to the program and talk to current participants about his first year experience. 

Thank you Lateef and wishing you continued success.


 Ehall Lateef 3 Ehall Lateef 2 Ehall Lateef 1 Ehall Lateef 4


It’s all about college!

The Erasmus Hall program took a trip to the Brooklyn College Campus as part of our college access experience. It was definitely a great experience for all. Check it out!

Unexpected consequences!

These young ladies in the Erasmus Hall program came up with this fun video titled “unexpected consequences”. Students at their school dance just want to have fun and teacher steps in and says “no” UNTIL ….

We all dance to our own beat, so let’s all just have fun!

Stop the bullying PSA!

Students made a video to address the growing national problem in and out of schools. Let’s all take a stand and stop the bullying!

The impact of Hurricane Sandy on our students!

The Hurricane was felt from near and far and has affected so many people. Hear what our students had to say about it.

Reflection of ourselves!

Students discussed what makes them “special”. The things that they like about themselves and then created a “reflection book”.

We had a really nice time creating, talking and getting to know each other.


The BCCP at Erasmus Hall kicked off with a BANG!

Let’s see who we got!

Some returning students and lots of new faces, ready to get to work!

First week and they already filming and interviewing each other…WOW!